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Mrs. Taste - Chocolate Hazelnut Syrup, 335 g


Vendor: Mrs. Taste

Tags: Chocolate Hazelnut Syrup, Mrs. Taste, Snack, Topping

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Now, what is tasty can also be healthy.

Chocolate Syrup with 100% Natural Hazelnut, part of the Green line. Perfect for sugar-restricted diets, it can still be consumed by diabetics, as it has a glycemic index of only 35, does not influence the increase in insulin / blood sugar. But the benefits of Green Chocolate Sauce do not end there! Rich in fiber, without preservatives, zero sodium, a base of isomalto-oligosaccharide syrup with cocoa in a product of vegetable origin (cassava), applied through tapioca and an excellent sugar substitute.

Also perfect for children, as it does not cause cavities and contributes to the absorption of minerals.